Jeju Airport Transport

Bus - Intercity/Intra-City

Buses platform is located at the exit of Gate 2. Buses numbers that connects Jeju airport to different destinations: 36, 37, 100, 200, 300, 500.



Taxi vehicles wait outside terminals, Arrivals Hall, at the exit of Gate 3, after crossing the crosswalk.


There are two types of taxi: the short and long distance taxis:

- Short: Jeju City, Aewweol, Halim, Gimneyeong, Jochenon.

- Long: Namjeju, Bukjeju, Jungmun, Seogwipo. The initial fee is about KRW 2,800.

Most of the taxi drivers don’t speak English, it is recommended to have written the direction in a paper.


Limousine: route 600

Limousine platform is located at the exit of gate 5. Limousines run every 20 minutes between Seogwipo and Jeju airport and only does some stops (includes Jungmun, World Cup Stadium, Tourist Resort Complex, Saogwipo KAL Hotel).