Jeju Airport Transport

From Jeju Airport, passengers may transfer to downtown by bus, taxi and even with limousine!

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Bus - Intercity/Intra-City

At Jeju Airport, intra-city and intercity buses can be found at the exit of Gates 1 and 2.

Please note the service bus hours: Daily, 06:20 am to 10:00 pm.

Other services: Jeju City Tour Bus, Pyoseon - Sungsan - Namwon.

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By taxi it is quite easy to get directly to downtown Jeju, since it is only located at 3 km west of the airport.

Find taxis at the exit of Gate 3, outside Arrivals.

The starting fare of regular taxis is KRW 2,800.

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Limousine: route 600

Limousine 600 stands for the most convenient mean of transportation from and to Jeju Airport.

It runs every 16 minutes between Seogwipo and Jeju airport and only does some stops (includes Jungmun, World Cup Stadium, Tourist Resort Complex, Saogwipo KAL Hotel).

Service hours: From 06:10 am to 10:00 pm.

Late night service: 10:50 pm, facing Gate 5.

Location: Limousine platform is located at the exit of gate 5.


- To Seogwipo: KRW 5,500 (85 minutes)

- To Yacheonsa: KRW 4,500 (1 hour)

Payment: Cash or T-Money card.



Rental Car

At Jeju Airport Terminal you can rent a car at the first level, on gate 2. Click here to compare prices and get better fares!